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The Metropolitan Atlanta Whippet Association was founded in 1980.  
Today MAWA is still an active group of Whippet owners who share a
mutual passion for the magnificent Whippet breed. Through MAWA,
Whippet owners will enjoy meeting others dedicated to the breed 
and having first-hand knowledge of popular events such as dog showing, lure coursing, straight racing, dock diving, and barn hunting, along with a host of other group events that you and your Whippet(s) would enjoy!


Club members have the opportunity to:

  • Network with other club members

  • Learn about upcoming sporting events that you and
    your dog will enjoy.

  • Participate in our fun monthly Meet & Greet hour

Board Members:

PRESIDENT: Albert Miniero

VICE PRESIDENT: Chris Durance-Watkins

SECRETARY: Jennifer Kempey

TREASURER: Kari Whitaker 



BOARD MEMBERS:  Sonya Cook & Peggy Hodge

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